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In what colors can I find menstrual cups?


Les coupes menstruelles et leurs couleurs


You can find at least one menstrual cup is every colour once you put all the brands together, except white (not to be confunded with transparent!). Red, black, yellow, green, blue, gray, magenta, pink, brown… Coloring products are alimentary thus cannot be considered as dangerous for the users.

How can I choose one size?

To this question, there are several answers. Some manufacturers imply that a woman must switch from a size 1 to a size 2 after she turns 30 (or 25 in certain cases, such as the LadyCup), or after the first natural  birth, however old she is.

Others insure only the flow is important: users over 30 and having had a natural birth can stick to a size 1 if their flow is light, while women under 30 or even 25 may need a larger size if their flow is heavy. Most cups differ from small size to big size only by the diameter and the length of the cup, and it's not always a big  difference.

Here are some hints:

Women with heavy or hemorrhagic flow will find FleurCup, Yuuki, GaiaCup, LuvUrBody and FemmyCycle convenient for them. Those cups are pretty wide, so they can be used by women who have given natural birth previously, but this criteria isn't the first to consider.




The German MeLuna brand updated its creation by proposing several sizes and designs so as to allow each woman to find the best fitting solution, regarding their flow and vaginal musculature.



The Lunette (as well as the large LadyCup, RubyCup, Eco-Cup, Natu, Тюльпан (Tioulpan), Lamazuna…) are pretty much universal and can be fitting to everybody. Their content is pretty high (but not the highest) so women can use them whatever their flow is. They are on average stiff enough, making them easy to use.





The DivaCup (as well as the CupLee and the FemCup) is halfway between the Lunette and theFleurCup, it would be perfect for women who have more important flow that the one only requiring a Lunette, and a more muscly vagina than for FleurCup, their silicon are softer.


Cup material and squishiness

You can find three types of material:

Smooth: LadyCup, CupLee, Natu, FemmeCup, MoonCup, Lamazuna, LilaCup, MeLuna, Mpower, IrisCup, GirliesCup, Luneale, Yuuki, FemCup, AmyCup, Inciclo

Velvety: Lunette, FleurCup, Eco-Cup, OrganiCup, ClariCup, Si-bell, DivaCup, MonthlyCup, GaiaCup, MamiCup, NaturalMamma, DivaCup

Patterned cup: LuvUrBody, Тюльпан (Tulip), Juju, MenoCup, LaliCup

Plain cups: MiaCup, Keeper, black MeLuna (smooth), MyOwnCup, LilyCup (velvety)


Smooth, Velvety and patterned cups can either be transparent and colored, while plain cups can only be colored.


All the brands are made of medical grade silicon, except: 

  The Keeper that is made of rubber

  MeLuna and MyOwnCup, made of TPE.

What kind of packaging usually comes with the cup?

Most cups are delivered with a cotton pouch that has strings so as to be hermetically closed, making the cup transportable in a handbag or another carrying bag. A notice is always present, explaining in one or several languages how to use and take care of the cup.

Some manufacturers do not provide the pouch (FleurCup), and some replace it by a box (Yuuki, MyOwnCup, ClariCup, Тюльпан (Tioulpan), Victoria's love). The packaging can be customized by the retailer (on a webshop or in a physical shop).



Some manufacturers can add several products to their packaging:

  • Lubricating gel for LadyCup
  • pin for DivaCup
  • GaiaWash washing solution 
  • Sterilizer box for Yuuki, ClariCup, MenoCup
  • wooden box for CupLee (depending on retailers)
  • Lubricant + applicator (AmyCup)
  • leaves of soap (SheCup)
  • disc of size-choosing (MeLuna) or monthly chart (Amulette, LaliCup)

Sometimes the color of the pouch can agree with the color of the cup (Lunette, GirliesCup, Luneale...)

To conclude with, how long will it take for me to get used to my cup?

Some users can easily get used to their cup immediately, however spending two cycles getting used is more common, especially with the insertion and removal. Feeling at ease with the cup (with no leaks and total comfort) can be a little bit longer than with tampons and pads but in the end it is really, really more comfortable.

You will be saving money (for stopping buying disposable products), you'll no longer create pollution (for stopping to create waste from disposable products) and your vagina will be free of throbbing contacts (tampons make genital parts dry, pads are uncomfortable for the labia).

Let's now go to the description page so as to get more details about each cup individually, and on the "Advice" page to learn how to insert/remove/clean the cup you have chosen!