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Welcome on EasyCup, the non-commercial website about menstrual cups.



What is a menstrual cup ?


A menstrual cup is a hygiene protection system that stands for an alternative to pads and tampons.

It is a receptacle, mostly made out of medical grade silicon, taking the shape of a "bell", that once inserted into the vagina, is able to retain menstrual flow. This protection method, opposed to tampons and pads, is ecological (safe material, reusable, free of waste), economical (some have a 10 year lifespan) and immensely comfortable.

You can find a certain number of brands to buy (FemmeCup, MoonCup, DivaCup, Lunette, NaturCup, Si-bell, LadyCup, Yuuki…), each one of them having its own specificity and features. This website will help you to know everything about them. EasyCup has an aim as to inform you, to help in your choice, in starting and in daily use of your menstrual cup.


What is EasyCup ?

EasyCup is a information non-commercial website about menstrual cups. It also holds a large community of cup users who can help each other and new users.

  • Are you looking for an alternative to pads and tampons?
  • Are you wishing to reduce waste while enjoying the greatest comfort?
  • Do you wish to keep a sustained physical activity during your period?
  • Do you support feminity and modernity?
  • Or do you simply wish to find information about menstrual cups?


Thus EasyCup is ready to help you!

Our website is full of information, hoping to help you to know everything about this new type of menstrual protections.